Tips For Photographing The Moon

Last month it was full moon, and after many attempts I finally got a clear picture of the moon! But how did I do it?



Play with the settings
Don’t be scared to play with the settings of your camera. Change the shuttertime, the diaphragm, You can always reset the settings.

If you’re going to photograph the moon, you have to change the settings of your camera. Especially the lightning. The moon is one big ball of bright light in a pure black sky. Your camera will try to lighten the picture based on those two extremities. Because of this your picture never turn out good.

You don’t need a long shutter time because the moon is already really bright. Often 1/100 or 1/160 is a fine shutter time. If you use a longer shutter time, the moon will ‘move’ because of the rotation of the earth — this happens faster than you think.

The diaphragm has for the depth of field no effect at all. It is a good idea to close your diaphragm a little bit. A diaphragm of f/8.0 is the best option.

Light Sensitivity
To get blur-free pictures, you set the light sensitivity of your camera on the lowest setting: 100 or 200 ISO.

Make A Lot Of Pictures
One picture is never enough, and out of all the hundreds of pictures, there will probably be one picture that turned out good. So go crazy, play with the settings and keep shooting!

Good luck!


10 thoughts on “Tips For Photographing The Moon

  1. RayKobes says:

    The one that I find is the most effective is the last point you made. Take tons of photos, and when you think you have enough…take even more! You will notice imperfections all over when you closely inspect all your photos. Great post though.

  2. Beautiful picture and good advice! Since a few months I got a Nikon D5100 but I have to admit a take a lot of pictures in the auto setting because I don’t understand a lot of the functions yet *blush*. I should really make the time to learn more about the settings 😉

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