Your Handwriting: What Does It Mean?

They say that your handwriting is like body language. This would mean that just like your body language, handwriting can say something about you. Everyone has a different handwriting. Most girls have the same kind of handwriting, just like boys. You can learn something about someone by just their handwriting.

My own handwriting as an example.

My own handwriting as an example.

What Does Your Handwriting Mean?


  • Small Handwriting
    Research-oriented, good concentration, methodical, not always social. Low self-esteem.
  • Large handwriting
    People oriented, outgoing, outspoken, love to entertain and be between people.
  • Right in the middle
    You like to be with people, but value your own time.
  • Wide
    The mark of someone who’s open and friendly.


  • A lot of space
    You need your freedom. You prefer to do things in your own time. You don’t like to be overwhelmed.
  • Not a lot of space
    It shows a lot of irritation and constant pressure on yourself.

Shape Of The Letters

  • Rounded Letters
    Means creativity, artistic abilities such as writing, painting, acting, etc.
  • Pointed letters
    Shows you are aggressive, intense, but very intelligent and curious.
  • Connected letters
    Your are logical, systematic and you make decisions very careful.


  • Loopy Handwriting
    You’re very social, huge imagination and sensitive to criticism.
  • Not loopy
    More isolated, drawn back and within themselves.
Loopy handwriting

Loopy handwriting

Dotting The I’s.

  • Right over the I.
    Eye for details, organization and you are emphatic in what you say and/or do.
  • High over the I
    Great imagination
  • To the left
  • Circles
    Visionary and child-like.
  • Slashing it
    Critical to yourself, don’t have a lot of patience for things or people that don’t learn from their mistakes. easily irritated.

Crossing your T’s

  • Right in the middle
    You’re not an open person, you like to keep your personal life safe.
  • Short crosses
    A lack of determination
  • Long crosses
    Means you have great determination and enthusiasm, but can be stubborn.
  • Very top of T
    You’re an idealist, ambitious and have a good self-esteem
  • Cross downward at the top
    You dominate your environment.

Your O’s

  • Open
    You’re talkative, social, able to express your feelings and you don’t have a lot of secrets.
  • Closed
    You’re very personal, and limited in sharing your feelings. Introvert.

Lead In’s (or excess flourishes)

  • Lead In’s (or excess flourishes)
    Shows family is important to you.
  • Lack of lead in’s (or excess flourishes)
    You handle problems in a direct and practical way.
Photo by

Lead in’s – Photo by


  • Writing all over the page
    You can’t relax and constantly thinking.
  • Left hand margin
  • You live in the past
  • Right hand margin
    You’re always looking towards the future.

Pressure (while writing)

  • A lot of pressure
    Very intense, may have some bad qualities. Aggressive and short temper.
  • Average or light pressure
    Laid back, go with the flow.


  • Boxes
    You need structure, stability and order.
  • Flowers
    Idealistic, romantic and creative.
  • Triangles
    Perfectionist, structures, people that feel stuck.
  • Circles
    Dreamer, creative, takes things personally.
  • Smiley faces
    Illusionary, wanting life to be beautiful. An optimist.
  • Color inside the box or shape
    You are very intense and serious. A warrior, can be signs of temper because of tension or frustration.

punctuation marks

  • Lots of exclamation marks
    Ego is involved, you want to be understood, passionate.


  • Writing Upward
    You tend to be optimistic, hopeful, honest, ambitious and motivated.
  • Writing downward
    You tend to be negative, slightly depressed and dishonest.
  • Left
    Indicates introspection and a lot of emotional control.
  • Right
    Reveals a person who’s outgoing, friendly, impulsive, and emotionally open.
  • More than one direction
    Indicates versatility and adaptability.


  • Fast
    You are impatient, dislike delays or time wasters
  • Slow
    You are more organized and more self-reliant.

What My Handwriting Means

Size: Not small, not big either. Somewhere in between.
Spacing: Normal.
Shape of Letters: Mostly rounded.
Loopy: No.
Dotting the Is: It varies. Some are right over, some are high over. Some are to the left, some are to the right.
Crossing my T’s: In the middle
O’s: Open
Lead In’s: No/ not so much.
Margin: Mostly right.
Pressure: Fairly good pressure.
Doodles: Boxes and flowers, and filling my boxes.
Speed: Fact
Slant: Not sure?

From my handwriting I can see I like to be with people, but I also value my own time. Which is true. I’m creative and have artistic abilities. But I’m also a bit drawn back and isolated. According to this I also have eye for detail, and I’m good in organizing things. I have no trouble expressing my feelings. I handle problems directly and I look towards into the future: I don’t live in the past. But I also have a very shot temper.

What I need is structure, stability and order. I’m serious and get frustrated easily and I’m impatient.

Is this true?
Most of it is true. Not sure if I have eye for detail and if I’m good in organizing things. I do have a short temper and not a lot patient. But I do think I’m stuck too much in the past, yet I worry a lot about the future. I am drawn back and sometimes isolated, I like to be on my own, but I also like to be with people I like.

What about your handwriting?



7 thoughts on “Your Handwriting: What Does It Mean?

  1. I didn’t read all of these, but some of the generalities make sense. Big loopy letters meaning creativity and openness. But I also know I have different handwriting depending on my mood.

  2. I. Am. Literally. Impressed. I knew you could tell a girl apart from a boy by judging handwriting, but apart form that I knew nothing. That was impressively correct for me.

    For what it’s worth, I write tiny letters, little space, I keep a significant left margin but I write all the way to the right of the paper, I put my dot right over the i and I close my o. I don’t connect letters, and they are not loopy. I don’t slant the letters nor the lines. I do put a lot of pressure on my pen.

    Based solely on how you write in general (not your handwriting), I don’t think you have an eye for details, nor are you particularly organized. I don’t want you to see this one as rude, and I don’t even mean it to be negative. It’s just part of your style and it’s very fine like that, I wouldn’t want you to change. And it’s really just what I notice from your writing style, it doesn’t mean it reflects your actual person.

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