Lahgitana adviced me to make a vision board, so I did! Two weeks ago I collected all the magazines I have, looking for pretty pictures, words and other things that I liked. I turned out pretty colorful.

moodboard 004

Did you ever made a vision/mood-board?


15 thoughts on “Mood/Vision-Board

      • so pleased for you, D!

        I’m curious: does making the board add to your thinking about what to do with your life? How does it play into the pondering? (I’ve never made one, which I’m sure you can tell by my questions.)

        Did you notice definite thoughts while you were choosing and combining images and text?

        What happens when you look at the board now that it’s finished?

        Does it feel finished?

        Do you feel compelled to make more boards?

        Of course, you don’t have to answer the questions–they come up for me as I look at the board and remember your conversations to yourself about your life.

      • When I look at the board, I think to myself: ‘Those are a lot of cats’.
        I’d love to make another one, but it’s really frustrating if you’re looking through the magazines to search for something that really suits you! Even though you have no idea what you’re looking for.

        It doesn’t feel finished. Because I think I wasn’t able to add things to it that i wanted > which I couldn’t find.

        Baha, conversations with myself. 😉

  1. I’ve found that with collage–looking through magazines doesn’t give me images that speak to me. Don’t know why.

    Oh! Here’s a place for copyright-free images–maybe something in here would speak to you?! (I have several more sites if you’d like me to share.)

    heehee! I always figure I’m thinking out loud when I post because I’m not really talking to anyone! >:-D

  2. Love your visionboard, especially the cats and the ‘follow your dreams’ part! I make a new visionboard every year, it helps a lot to visualize what I want to do in life 🙂

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