Interior vs Nature

I fell in love with this combination not so long ago. A house interior with nature hints like flowers. I love it! It’s inspirational and it looks so calm and relaxing! Yes please!

What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Interior vs Nature

  1. For some reason, here is another post I missed and only find now as I am cleaning up my mailbox.

    What do I think? It’s gorgeous. I’d would love to see that every morning when I wake up, or in the evening when relaxing.

    Would I want a house like that? Hell no! I cannot imagine myself spending all that time to maintain these plants. If I could afford to pay someone to do that (which you probably can, if you can afford that house in the first place) I would love that.

    I am assuming this needs to be planned out from the time the house is being built. These plants must make for an elevated level of humidity on the walls.

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