Dog (Breeds) Discrimination?

Some people may judge a dog by his looks. A pitbull or any other dog that looks like one is a dangerous breed and need to be watched out for. While they actually don’t know nothing of the breed, if it’s actually a pitbull, or if it’s dangerous. It’s the reputation of the pitbull that scares most people off.

It’s something I have experienced a lot of times in my life. We grew up with the ‘dangerous’ kind of dogs. My mom was called many names while walking the dog, simple because of the breed. But my mother is a tough woman, and she didn’t give a single fuck about that.

Saartje, Bull-terrier.

Saartje, Bull-terrier.

I think it’s pretty extreme when people call you names, based on the dogs you’re walking and/or own. But it’s even more surprising that a dog trainer refuses to have an American Stafford or other pitbull breeds in her group because they are aggressive.

Ignorant Trainers

Amy. American Stafford.

Amy. American Stafford.

That’s something that happened to my parents a few Saturdays back. Since their/our previous dog Saartje passed away two years ago in April, they decided to take a new dog, and a new different breed. Unlike Saartje, Amy needed training. She was too ‘enthusiastic’, and my parents felt they needed some help and a guiding hand to lead them into the right direction during the training.

Amy passed all the exams of basic training. She will sit, lay down, stay, give a paw and more tricks. My parents know her better than anyone else.

They wanted to do a different kind of training, it’s a group training and other dogs and their humans to work together. The trainer refused to have Amy in.

I know breeds like that. Pitbulls become very, very aggressive” The trainer told my parents. “I don’t want her in my group. She’ll only stir trouble in the group

Amy was laying next to my mom. Being tired from the training they had just been through. The trainer’s dog ran up to amy, showing bossy behavior and showing his teeth. Growling to Amy who simply backed off. My mom was pissed off, furious! From all the shit she has heard about pitbulls and all that, she had never heard of this. Amy isn’t even a pitbull, but a 100% purebreed American Stafford.

Lack Of Knowledge?

Copyright by greenkozi. Pitbull.

Copyright by greenkozi. Pitbull.

I think it’s often lack of knowledge and the prejudices they have about the dog makes them ‘hate’ on the breed. The dogs look muscular, and perhaps even a bit scary to some people. Does that make them aggressive right away? No. It all depends on how they are raised and the breeder. A good breeder who knows what is important is just as important as the way you raise your dog.

But you can make a Jack Russel just as aggressive. It’s not necessarily the breed that makes the dog aggressive, but the owners and experiences. A good training can do so much good. Saartje never attacked anyone, the only time she showed her teeth were towards people she didn’t trust (and we didn’t trust), or towards male dogs who tried to ‘boss’ย  over her.

What’s your experience with those breeds? Or your opinion on this?


2 thoughts on “Dog (Breeds) Discrimination?

  1. I don’t judge them, the dogs are okay, mostly are the persons of the dog who are not okay. They make them false and as you say, there can be other breeds too who can be agressive, but the origin is always good. Btw People like to judge, or they want to know everything better, or they don’t have anything else to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

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