The Pros Of Not Wearing Make Up

I’m lazy, very lazy. Especially early in the morning or when I just woke up, whenever that may be. But Early in the morning is the moment when I am the laziest about my make up. I don’t mind leaving my place without make up on my face. I really don’t care. Those 5 or 10 minutes I spend on my face, I can spend on watching tv or in my warm and comfortable bed. But that’s not the only reason…


Messing up your lipstick, lip gloss or afraid you’ll mess up your foundation during a kiss? Not if you wear no make up!

What You See Is What You Get

Everyone will already look how my face looks like. So if I remove my make up when I wear it, he won’t get the surprise of his life. Do I feel naked without it? Nah.

Touch My Face

I can touch my face whenever I want to. Rub my eyes, remove an eyelash or anything from my eyes. Without messing up eyeliner or mascara or eyeshadow.

No Maintenance

Don’t you find it super annoying that you sometimes have to check if your make up is still on and how? No need to do that if you’re not wearing make up!

Cry Baby

Crying will ruin your make up, it can burn in your eyes, streak down your face and it will make you look like a big mess. Without make up on your face, you can cry as much as you want. You won’t end up looking like a clown.

Saving Money

Make up can be expensive. Especially if you go for high quality products. If you’re not wearing make up, you don’t need to buy that either. You can save up that money for something fun.

No Need To Clean Up

No make up, means no need to clean your face from all the layers of foundation, concealer and blush.

No Complications

Depending on the make up you use, and how you apply it and remove it, make up can be bad for the skin.
It can cause clogged pres, dry skin, acne or even allergic reactions.
Nothing wrong with a natural look!

6 thoughts on “The Pros Of Not Wearing Make Up

  1. Well you got to see my smiling mug for ages, and if I can go without makeup, why can’t everyone? I do sometimes wear lipstick and mascara when I go out. But not much else. Until I go all crazy overboard and look like a goth 🙂

  2. Me too, no makeup. For special occasions will wear mascara and pencil liner… but that’s about every six months and none for the last 15 months. Imagine how smudgy I’d-a been!

    Women wear makeup for many reasons, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t realized how lovely they are without. And that no one else *cares* that they’re wearing makeup. Now give me younger Bob Dylan wearin’ heavy eyeliner! <:-D

  3. aspasiablog says:

    Ik probeer wel altijd make-up te dragen als ik moet gaan werken ofzo. Ik ben helemaal geen natuurlijke schoonheid, verre van, dus het moet wel, maar ik durf ook gewoon naar buiten zonder make-up, hoor. 😉

  4. I’m a guy and I can’t understand, for the sake of me, why women do use make up. What’s the point of hiding your real you behind layers of ugly color. I can’t kiss lips with lipstick, that’s just disgusting.

    Very good post, very good topic!

  5. I have to admit that I’ll never walk out the door without foundation and mascara, but I try not to use too much make up, just enough to make me feel a little bit more confident.

  6. Haha ja, je hebt helemaal gelijk! Maar ik vind het juist zo mooi, lekker optutten voor een speciale gelegenheid en mooie nieuwe producten openen en proberen, heerlijk! Voor mij is opmaken ook een stukje ontspanning, gek he!?

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