Paris Aparment Time Capsule

In Paris an apartment was left untouched for over 70 years. When it was discovered a few summers ago.

The owner of the apartment is Mrs. De Florain. She left paris just before the World War II broke out in Europe. She closed up her shutters and left for the South of France to never return to Paris again. She passed away 70 years later at the age of 91. Her heirs found out about the apartment in paris she had left behind.

The apartment is like a small treasure. Filled with lots of old things, beautiful (and expensive) paintings and of course, lots of dust.

Source via
Photo’s by GETTY.


12 thoughts on “Paris Aparment Time Capsule

  1. This looks surreal, like taken from a movie!

    I’m wondering how nobody noticed for this long. Neighbors should have noticed that nobody even got there, and someone should have noticed taxes weren’t getting paid.

    Shouldn’t this be posted under Abandoned but Beautiful?

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