Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Like many other girls/woman my self-esteem is low. Actually, it’s non-existing. But why do I feel this way? I don’t have zero like the models on tv and in magazines. I don’t think I’m perfect, etc, etc.

That’s why I wanted to write about things that may boost your self-esteem!

Your Best Attributes

Make a list of your best attributes. It will be hard for some of us, to come up with someone. But write down things you like about yourself. Sit down, and think about it. It can be anything, even good things friends or family said about you.

Positive Friends

You what’s worse? Friends that are negative. Friends that stamp your already low self-esteem into the ground. That’s why you should seek out positive and uplifting people you know. A night out with those cheerful and loving people is the best way to get rid of a low self-esteem.

Happy Music

Another thing that makes us feel good about ourselves is happy, cheery music. Music can make you feel more confident, happier and pull you out of that bad mood.



Now, this may sound weird, coming from the laziest person in the world. But sport makes you feel good. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight, you know you’re doing it for something. But even if you don’t, sport makes you happy, makes you healthy and makes you feel good.



6 thoughts on “Boosting Your Self-Esteem

  1. Sometimes it’s a battle of wills with ourselves–making that little voice just stop every time something negative comes out. It gets easier with time, and can quickly become a habit itself, which makes room for happy sunny stuff!

  2. stallionspirit says:

    My job made me once come in contact with modals, boy was I self conscious. These were Loreal modals, and were stick thin, why don’t they eat, just so that they can wear cool outfits? uugh, every one has esteem issue, even modals, just that people are really good at hiding them. Love yourself – cause you were chosen to be able to make difference around you.

  3. Vooral vrienden, als ik met leuke vrienden om ga dan kom ik zo vrolijk weer thuis! Dan heb je gelijk het gevoel dat je er weer helemaal bij hoort 🙂

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