The Color Blue

Blue, the color of the sky and the is a color that is supposed to have a calming effect.

The ancient Egyptians used the blue gemstone Lapis Lazuli to represent heaven. It’s also the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Did you know that Wednesday’s color is blue?

The color blue stands for trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. But also solitude and peace, authority and wisdom.


If blue is your favorite color this could mean that you’re conservative, reliable and trustworthy. You think before you act which makes you not impulsive or spontaneous and you don’t like to draw attention to yourself. You can be too cautious and worry about every little thing.

Is blue your favorite color?




2 thoughts on “The Color Blue

  1. Toevallig draag ik nu blauwe nagellak, een nieuw kleurtje en ben er nu al dol op! Blauw is niet echt mijn favoriete kleur, maar het is inderdaad wel kalmerend! En een lichtblauw geverfde kamer maakt het ook lekker licht!

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