When I Was A Child I Believed In…

As a child you believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and much more. Kids have a huge imagination!

When I was small(er), I believed in many things. Crazy things! But I don’t remember the day I didn’t believe in Santa anymore, and I never believed in the tooth fairy. I don’t remember my parents ever mentioning that fairy. I did believe in other things.


Thanks to my grandmother and a book about fairies I got I believed there were fairies in our garden. They were just too sneaky, and too small that I could never find them. I left small envelopes with glitter and small letters between the flowers. Hoping for an answer — of course, I never got an answer.


Yes. I always thought there was someone or something inside my closet at night. And it was a bad idea to open it! It could be a monster, or anything else. I didn’t know. I was terrified of it at night.

Stuffed Animals

I also believed that all my stuffed animals and teddy bears came alive at night. I had my entire bed, around my pillow covered with stuffed animals. Sitting them next to each other and being kind to them like they were really alive.


Somehow, as a child. I remember — really strong memories — that I could fly down the stairs. That memory always kept following me.  But I have no idea where it comes from. It’s one memory, but it’s so strong that it almost feels real. I still know it. It’s when I’m in one of the previous houses I lived in. We had a very steep stairs, and I remember flying down. So somehow I thought I could fly. Just never when I wanted to. Haha.

What did you believe in when you were a child?


4 thoughts on “When I Was A Child I Believed In…

  1. Bambi says:

    Maybe you were carried down the stairs when you were a baby? I remember being carried as a baby and that does feel a bit like flying (or floating actually) :).

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