September is the month where autumn officially starts. And honestly, it already feel autumn. It’s cold outside, I already saw someone walking around with ear-warmers. It wasn’t even below 15 Celsius degrees…

I love autumn. I can dress much better during the colder days, but that’s not all. Autumn is so colorful. The warm colors, the red, brown and yellow colored leaves. And of course Halloween. Even though we don’t celebrate Halloween here in Holland as they do in the US. Autumn also means cooler nights. No more sweating in the bed! Yes! But don’t you think autumn looks magical?

Autumn is the time of the year when many plants and animals will begin to take shelter below the surface of the earth while they await for the warmth of the spring to return. Beers and hedgehogs for example will get ready for their hibernation and some animals will seek warmer climates.

Autumn starts north from the equator on the 12th of September till the 20th of December. South from the equator Autumn starts around the 20th of March.


Photo’s by Tambako the Jaguar, Nicholas A. Tonelli, Lali Masriera, Juan Lois, Joiseyshowaa, Dennis Colette, blmiers2, Eduardo Amorim, Faith Goble.


10 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Oh really, you’ve got cold already? Today was the first day that the high didn’t reach 20, we had only 16. Last week was actually a bit hot and very wet. Next week, we will get 20 again. But no, this is not typical. By this time of the year, we usually feel a lot more like Fall than this.

    My cats began their autumn shed last week, right in this hot period, much to my surprise. My dad confirmed this weekend that his dog and both of his cats also began their shed. So for the first time, I just realize this is not linked to temperature going down. A quick research told me it was actually because of lower sunlight. Hey, we learn new things every year.

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