When we walked back to the place where we parked our car last Saturday, it was getting late and the sun was going down. But not without lots of colors. Deep red, orange and a bit of pink. It was absolutely stunning and some of the people who were also walking to their car just stood there, watching the sun going down and watching the colors. It was beautiful — Maybe even beautiful doesn’t describe it. But according to wikipedia, the right term for this would either be dusk, or twilight.


One thought on “Sunset

  1. I bet it looked even better IRL

    “Dusk” or “twilight” describe the moment the sun goes down, the time around sunset. I don’t know if there is any word to describe a sunset that looks this cool.

    Nature does nice things. This is one of the things I understand why it happens, but attempt not to think of. It’s just something to enjoy. Be grateful you see colors, cats cannot see this.

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