The Butterfly Garden

Last weekend we went to the zoo, we had some discount cards for that zoo, and decided to go that Saturday, since the days were only getting colder, and if we were lucky, not all the animals would be inside. This zoo had a butterfly garden. From my experience not many zoos have them, but I love butterfly gardens! I remember when I went to this same zoo when I was about 8 years old, and the butterfly garden was my favorite spot. It’s hot out there, humid — I love it! We were surrounded by butterflies in various sizes, big and small, and the other one more colorful than the other and in all the colors of the rainbow!


5 thoughts on “The Butterfly Garden

  1. I don’t know of any zoo with a butterfly garden. The closer I can think was the small insect exhibit at the small zoo in Gaspésie, they have some live insects (and a lot of dead ones) but no live butterflies. Beside, the only other place is Montréal Insectarium, a permanent exhibit specifically of insects, where I’ve been when I was young (I believe the ticket also grants you an access to the flower garden which is on the same land — obviously not open during the winter).

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