Bastille For Serious Request

Every year around Christmas a radio station (3FM) holds a charity in which the DJ’s of that radio station get locked up in a glass house for 7 days, without food. This charity is in combination with the Red Cross. This year the charity is focussed on children that die of diarrhea — there are about 800.000 children that die of diarrhea each year.

During the charity you can request songs for money, donate money and a lot of companies are joining in with Serious Request and doing all kinds of things to make money for SR.

The Red Cross tries to get money and attention to take control over this ‘silent disaster’ while the DJ’s are locked up. Think about clean drinking water, soap, building sanitary facilities and give information and training about hygiene.

The Glass House.

The Glass House.

And every year it’s held in different places throughout Holland. And this year, it was the turn of my town!

Before the DJ’s got locked up in the glass house, Bastille (known from the ‘Pompeii‘-song) played five numbers. And even though I didn’t see much, it was absolutely amazing! And I thank my friend and a long stranger for taking photo’s for me!

Curious? & Wikipedia.


2 thoughts on “Bastille For Serious Request

  1. Wat gaaf dat jij er was, ik heb je niet gezien! Het was zo druk! En omdat we niet in het midden stonden was het geluid ontzettend slecht en dus was alles helaas vrijwel onverstaanbaar, overdag is het er wel super gezellig! Ben er net nog langs geweest 🙂

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