Tips: Dyeing Your Hair

I dye my hair since… Forever! I think I was 15 or 16 when I started with a simple dye that was gone with a few showers, until I started with a permanent dye. First I let my mother do it, I sometimes let hairdressers do it (didn’t had a good experience with that), and later on, I decided to do it myself. That in case it went wrong, I could blame myself. That’s why I always have a plan B hair colour. In case the current colour goes wrong, I can re-dye it. I don’t know a lot about hairdye, but I do know that I did a lot of times, and after a while you find out certain tricks. I guess it makes me pretty creative when you’ve got dried hair-dye all over your face…


Vaseline works miracles! It’s good for your skin, and when you apply it around your entire face/head by your hairline (back, front, sides, ears, everything!), it’s easier to get the hair-dye off your face. Of course, you leave it there, and wipe it off afterwards.

I use medical alcohol (with 90% of alcohol), to get hair-dye off off my arms and/or face, where I haven’t applied Vaseline. Do know that it dries out your skin. They say tonic works too, but I never tried that.

Elastic Bands
I use elastic bands to keep the plastic gloves from slipping off my fingers. The gloves are always way too big for my small hands. Make sure they are not too tight tho, you don’t want to stop your blood flow to your fingers.

Place newspapers on the floor. I’m a messy someone, and I often work a bit too enthusiastic and I end up with hair-dye on the floor, in stead of on my hair.

An old comb
Use an old comb, a comb you don’t use anymore and don’t mind getting dirty for your hair.

A Hair-tie
When you’re done. Tie your hair in a bon on top of your head. Wait around 30 minutes, before rinsing it out.

Don’t Wash Your Hair
They say it’s bad to wash your hair before dyeing it. This has to do with the layer of sebum (is this the right word?) on your head. When you wash your hair, you also wash that layer off. While that layer of sebum protects your head-skin against the chemicals in the hair-dye. I usually dye my hair when it’s getting a bit greasy.

High Quality Hair Products
Use high quality shampoos and conditioners that are specially for dyed hair. The high quality ones might be expensive, but they take good care of your hair.

Old Clothes
Put on old clothes. Yes, they are going to get dirty.

Long and Thick Hair?
That means two packs of hair-dye. It’s a bit awkward if you’re halfway dyeing your hair and you don’t have enough.

No Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Those shampoos are known of ruining your colour.

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Tips: Dyeing Your Hair

  1. In college, I dyed my hair gothic black. Don’t tell me black don’t suit me, everyone told me. I did that for two or three years. I wouldn’t dare doing it myself, I got two different friends do it for me. I think I must have looked like a rebel, which was probably what I wanted to look like.

      • That’s probably what I looked like, actually. Dead. Not that I cared 🙂 I always did as I like, with little concern for what the rest of the world thinks. If I ever listened to people, I wouldn’t have had long hair for the last two decades.

      • I sometimes wish I listened to people. So I wouldn’t look horrible. Haha. I once let a hairdresser cut a bob-line on me. It looked HORRIBLE on me.

      • I only hate the hairdresser because they always HAVE to talk. Whether I reply or not, they just talk and tell their whole live-story to me. I don’t care, and don’t want to know, but i’m too friendly to tell them to shut up, hahahaha. I used to cut my own hair tho! But despite the fact that my current hairdresser loves to talk, she has a special way of cutting, and it makes my hair look awesome.

      • Pick a subject that you like a lot, know a lot about, and research a lot about before, but that nobody else cares.

        “Have you seen a newer Cessna with the G1000 glass panel?…..” By the end of the job, make sure she knows how many rivets a Cessna is built with. As you pay and leave a generous tip, let her know that’s how you feel when she tells you about her life.

        Of course, pick a topic that *you* like. Say cats, after you made sure she didn’t care about cats.

  2. I like the last one! I used to dye my hair black when a teen (worked because I have very dark brows and lashes). Then I stopped for years. Then in about 1998 I started dying it red – but orange red, not that fake looking burgundy. I got away with that because my mom and her dad were natural red heads (carrot – orange). I also dyed my eyebrows!

    Now…I live in the land of natural red heads. And guess what? No one – NO ONE wants to dye their hair that colour here! I tried a few times at a friend’s salon. It cost a FORTUNE and got more and more burgundy every time. So I gave up.

    Three years again May was the last times dyed my hair – a lighter blonde than I am naturally. Not since! It’s okay, I don’t miss the hassle and I LOVE my grey streak over my right eye! I call it my witch’s stripe 🙂

    However. I’ve been rooked into participating in the Irish Cancer Society/TodayFM cancer charity event, Shave or Dye Hubby won’t let me shave (oh but I would, right to the skin!) and shaving my legs didn’t seem to impress anyone (they have NOT seen my luxurious winter coat!) so I guess I’m dying. Apparently it washes out. I’d love bright orange – any other suggestions?

    Holy shit I wrote a Tom-comment! Hehhehehe!

    • Haha! Here is my reputation 🙂

      I see your charity is more open. Here, it’s only about shaving. This is because they use the hair to make wigs for those who lost their hair to cancer. A color will obviously not help them, but if the symbol is largely recognized maybe it may help them anyway.

      Make it gothic black. See how people at work change their way of talking to you 🙂

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