Last Monday I was in London. My boyfriend and I decided to go away for a day. Yes… A day, we were in London for just one day. We went with the Stena Line Boat (It’s like a mini-cruise) from Holland to England, Harwich. We left with the boat in the evening, which meant we had to sleep on the boat. We slept in a bunk-bed (verrrrrry romantic). Actually, I can’t really say that we slept. The bed was horrible, I think we slept for 3 to 4 hours, maybe 5. All I know is that I was super tired when I woke up.

From Harwich we took the train to London. It took 2 hours to get there. We used a locker for our baggage and went into London!

London is an amazing city. It’s hectic, busy, chaotic but so much fun — once you know your way (in the underground), and now how to get somewhere. It took us a lot of time to figure out the subway system. We had a map with us, but I’m not good with maps, and it didn’t really help much in the end. We never knew whether to go right or left.

British people (or should I say London-people?) are very, very friendly! They were always willing to help us out. Show us which way to go and show it on the map. Compared to Dutch people (don’t mean to offend some of my readers) they are so friendly. But sadly, one day is too short for London. We didn’t see everything we wanted and even had to skip a few things. But it was all worth it!


3 thoughts on “London

  1. Written rules don’t work. It says, stand on the right side, and you clearly see there are people on both sides.

    In Montréal, there is no sign to tell you were to stand, but there is an unwritten rule that everybody just follows. If you just want to stand on the escalator and wait, then you stand on the right side. Those that are in a hurry and walks it up or down, will do so on the left side. And since it’s prohibited to smoke in any public place, we don’t need signs to remind us.

    What was Elvis doing in London?

    Next year, invite me, will you? 🙂

  2. Leuk om zo’n dagje weg te plannen! Maar inderdaad wat je zegt, 1 dag is te weinig voor London. Toen ik nog op de middelbare school zat ben ik er een week heen geweest op excursie en dat was zelfs niet genoeg! Ik wil er heel graag weer een keer heen 🙂

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