Happy Challenge: What’s Your Dream?

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Achieving Your Goals

This week it’s all about the ultimate dream!

What is your dream? There may be a lot of things you want to achieve or dream about, but what is your dream, really? Your biggest, ultimate dream? It took me a long time to finally be able to accept what my dream was. A lot of people find it weird or funny and don’t understand it. It doesn’t matter, in the end I’m the one who wants to achieve that dream. But the weird reactions can be painful.

Following your dream won’t be easy, but who said life was ever easy? But it will make you happier and make life easier to life. Even if you only achieve a little bit of that dream, at least you achieved something! It’s better than nothing!

Before My Dream

Before I figured out what I really wanted, I had no idea what I was doing, and I had no idea what I wanted to be. As a child I already had a love for animals and I wanted to be a vet. But I also wanted to be a singer, an actor and be famous — oh and be rich! Now I’m 23, and neither of these things.

After highschool I decided to do a social-worker study. It was nothing for me. It was boring and very depressive. I couldn’t see myself working with people who were on drugs, were depressed or anything like that. So after a half year I changed study and decided to go with Fashion Design. Not my thing either.

So almost 6 years ago I changed studies again: Hospitality Management. After the second year I found out that this was also something I didn’t want to do in the future, but I was determined to finish this study. I had to! It was my 3rd already! I do want to start my own business, but not a restaurant or a hotel. In the hospitality business you find out how people really are…

My Biggest Dream?

My dream is to become a cat behaviorist. I don’t care if I get famous or not, all I want is to work with cats and their owners. I want to help them, and decrease the number of cats who end up in shelters because they pee next to the litter box. I want to teach their owners the best ways to treat cats, I want to teach children about cats and to respect animals. I want to write a book about it, and blog about it (which I already do on my other blog).

Photo by Domiketu.

Photo by Domiketu.

But let’s be honest; it’s not going to be easy. It will cost a lot of money, time and energy. I also have to step out of my comfort zone, and out of my house. I have to do things and set goals. It won’t be easy, I will fall, and get back up — that’s life. But stepping out of my comfort zone is the hardest thing ever.

It took me nearly a year to finally register to that feline behavior study (it starts in August). And I still find it difficult to tell people what I’m going to study and why I like it so much. It’s difficult to explain a passion, or your biggest dream if it comes from your heart. The “I want to help owners and their cats, and decrease the number of cats in the shelter” doesn’t seem to be enough for a lot of people. But that’s okay, as long as it counts for me.

Animals In Need

Another big passion of mine is helping animals in need. I’m not just talking dogs and cats here. But when I see clips or movies about animals that are in danger, or animals that being tested on, or have been years in the shelter without being adopted. I get this feeling in my chest that I find absolutely hard to explain.

Photo by Vinoth Chandar.

Photo by Vinoth Chandar.

It makes me cry (- thinking about it already makes me tear up), it makes me cringe, I get this huge feeling of desperation. Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it in words. I can’t find the right words, desperation doesn’t seem to fit the feeling, but it gets as close as possible. It makes me want to do something — I have to do something, but what? But I don’t know how to help those animals. I don’t have the money, and maybe not the resources. But it’s a dream of me to ever be able to help animals in need.

What is your ultimate dream?


5 thoughts on “Happy Challenge: What’s Your Dream?

  1. Bah! I don’t understand how, some morning, Calvin Klein got out of the bed and decided to design men underwear. People not understanding your choices are from the wrong world. It would be a dull place if everyone was aiming to do the same things. Please, miss, do what you want. I do understand why you want to do that, and really you’re good at it. Just do it.

    Nobody really understands why I keep fish, lobsters and snails. I can’t care less if their passion is to spend time on their phone. To each their tastes. I like aquariums (among other things).

    • No matter how he got the idea, he’s pretty rich and famous now, Calvin Klein. xD
      Pft, I’d like to think I’m not that good at it — yet. I don’t know. Maybe I ask too much from myself?

      And as Dan Brown (a writer) said yesterday on tv: Stay Passionate!

      • You don’t have to be Jackson Galaxy. Linus Torward doesn’t try to be Bill Gates. Video games designer don’t try to be Will Wright or Sid Meier. You’ve not began your study and you are good already. Look at all these people that learn from you (including me). I don’t know why you underestimate yourself.

        Dan Brown is right. Stay passionate. You like what you do, and you are good at it. Stay at it, you will only improve everyday. That’s all you should expect from yourself.

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