Happy Challenge: Vision-board

The next challenge of the Happy Challenge was to create a vision-board.So gathered all my magazines, and went looking for pretty pictures!

My Vision Board

A vision board reflects your personality and that what you like and what is important in your life. I chose for images, words and quotes that I thought would fit with my personality and what I want, and what my dream is. You can see the vision-board as a way to make your dream(s) more real.

I made a vision-board before (here), but this one feels totally different, yet the same!

The one on the left is the vision board I made in 2013, and the one on the right is the one I made today. The one from 2013 looks like a chaos, but a happy chaos. Lots of cats, just like the new one.


As you can see I have put some cats in the middle of the vision board. It’s the centre, and something that is the most important to me right now. Around that I gathered words, and quotes, or sentences that fit the most with how I feel about my dream, or my life.

Hover over the image for a translation.

Words like kracht/power, toekomst/future, wees dapper/be brave and kattengedrag/catbehavior describe how I feel right now. I need the power, to be brave to make my dream come true in the future, as I want to become a catbehaviorist. While the feather stands for freedom.

I like how this vision board turned out. It looks happy, hopeful and not too chaotic! I’m looking for a place where I can hang it, or place it somewhere in room where I can see it everyday, and be reminded of my dream.


2 thoughts on “Happy Challenge: Vision-board

  1. I recognized the one from last year 🙂

    My first thought was “less cats”, but then you are right, just as many cats, they are just all in the center rather than scattered around.

    In a few years from now, there will be a picture of you with a square hat right in the middle of these cats 🙂

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