Inspiration: Snow

I want snow! It’s winter here in Holland, but there hasn’t been any snow ever since this cold season started. It only snowed when I was in London, but even in London we didn’t see any snow, and we got back in Holland it looked like it hadn’t snowed at all.

I have a love/hate thing going on with snow. I love snow! But I don’t like it when I have to go to work. I love snow when I have a day off. I love snow, but I don’t like it when it gets all mushy and the salt on the street makes it all.. Icky. But I’m afraid we don’t have to expect snow in Holland this year. So I’ll put myself in the mood with these photos.

Do you like snow?

Photo’s by
Evan Leeson
Paul Moody
Dave Inman
Linda Yvonne
Maziar Hooshmand
Tambako the Jaguar
Dawn Ellner
Dennis Collette
Martin Sojka


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Snow

  1. To the question: No!!

    We haven’t had much snow this year, neither. In a post in October, I said I would post pictures of Highway 10 with a large amount of snow, which we usually have in January. We never got any major snow fall in January and so the pictures never came. The pictures of a “major snow fall” I posted in December were all I could get this year. I really missed a an opportunity for good pictures though, as they had an ice storm in Sherbrooke at the beginning of the Xmas holidays, it made for really nice landscapes (ignoring for a moment that tons of trees were thorn apart, cars and houses were damaged and they had a blackout for several days), but I didn’t take my camera with me that day (nobody told me).

    We didn’t have much snow, but I want to see the statistics. I’m sure we had next to a record breaking cold weather in January.

  2. It’s snowing now. Snow is on the ground here from December through March. We’ve had a brutally cold winter this year. Temperatures in the negatives. I think it got to 0 F yesterday. Right now it’s 16 F and that feels warm compared to what we’ve had. It’s supposed to get above freezing 32 F this weekend and snow will melt. Anything below 10 F is hard to describe. I wear a double layer under jeans and turtlenecks from Nov. through March.

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