Happy Challenge: What Do You Want To Change?

The 4th challenge already! Which means I’m not longer behind on the challenge. I’m glad I already partly know what I want, and what my dream is. But to make it reality is the hardest part.



With the 4th challenge I talk about what I want to change. What do I want to change to become closer to my goal. Just randomly changing things would be a bit useless, and because this is the Happy Challenge, it has everything to do with the previous challenges (values, what’s your dream, vision-board).

The challenge: Think of 3 things you want to add in your life, and 3 things you want to spend less energy on.

3 Things I Want To Add In My Life

To follow my dream and to succeed, I need to have knowledge about… You guessed it — cats! I need to know everything about their behavior, but also about the specific breeds and everything that comes with that. And to get all this knowledge I need to read and study. But I know it will be all be worth it.

Not something that will get me closer to my goal, but it’s something that I really want to do. Travel more, and see more beautiful places! It makes me feel free, and that makes me happy. A happy me > motivated me. If I’m happy, nothing can bring me down any more.

To feel good about myself, and to become less insecure, I need to sport. Sport is known to release this pheromone that makes us feel good — right? I don’t know, but sport always makes me feel good. Unless its fitness, because that makes me feel awkward or even more insecure. I prefer dancing or running. I get fat easily, so I have to watch what I eat, and do sports.

3 Things I Want To Spend Less Energy On

I like my comfort-zone. It makes me feel safe, and in my comfort zone nothing can go wrong. But in order to get to my goal, I need to step out of my comfort-zone, and that is difficult! I want to stay there where it’s safe and warm! I hate making mistakes and going to places I’ve never been.

I procrastinate I lot! “I’ll write that article tomorrow”, and tomorrow I’ll say the same thing. It’s not only about writing, but also with other things, especially if it is about getting out of my comfort-zone. I need to stop postponing things and do them now!

Let It Go
There are things that I need to let go off in order to be happy. Things I worry about or that trouble me. I have the tendency to think about it a lot and get a hold of it, until it drives me crazy or I get a panic-attack. I need to let go of things, and move in.


4 thoughts on “Happy Challenge: What Do You Want To Change?

  1. Caroline (Ft. Hermione) says:

    Erg mooi aangehaald 🙂 Hoewel ik andere dingen heb opgesomd in mijn opdracht, kan ik mij er wel in vinden.

  2. I procrastinate a lot, too 😦

    I have projects that have been suspended for years!!!!

    I have a few articles that I planned but haven’t yet completed, and I ended up writing shorter than planned articles until the real ones are done. I’m really not as good as I wanted to be on my blog right now.

    But winter is about to end, and my mood and motivation will likely return. It’s like that every year. I do projects inside when I should go outside, and I end up doing nothing while I am forced to stay inside.

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