Shake That Polaroid Picture

Maybe some of you already know, maybe some of you don’t — I got a new Polaroid camera. I’ve always wanted one, despite the fact that films for Polaroids are super expensive. But I suppose that’s the price of awesomeness.

The woman I bought it from only wanted to sell it to me if I was going to use it, and it wasn’t going to end up covered in dust. I promise you, that’s not going to happen.


Polaroid 1000 Land Camera

This Polaroid is a Polaroid 1000 Land Camera — the Instagram camera! The camera is known for using SX-70 integral film. For this one you need to buy specific films. I bought the wrong films, which do fit in the camera, but the photo never developed. It’s a common problem with this camera, that’s why it’s best to use the films from the brand Impossible with color-protection. Impossible makes films especially for Polaroid cameras. Sadly, you pay for that as well; 8 films for 20 euro’s or more.

I still need to practice taking pictures. My hands are a bit too shaky, and of course you move the camera a little bit when you press in the red button to take a picture (not really a handy place). While at the same time I don’t want to waste all the 8 films at the same time. But that also is a good thing. You’ll think before making a photos. Do you really want to waste that one precious film on that flower or not?

I’m very happy with it! I haven’t used it for a while because I want to wait till it’s summer. When the lightning is better outside, when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. In meanwhile, I can save up money for more films!



3 thoughts on “Shake That Polaroid Picture

  1. Ik heb dezelfde! Ooit gekocht in de kringloopwinkel voor een paar euro, die mensen hadden er geen idee van dat hij nog werkte. Toen ik thuis kwam bleek er zelfs nog film in te zitten. Wel jammer idd dat die film zo duur is.

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