It’s Growing!

A few weeks ago I posted that I had planted some seeds. I don’t have very green fingers, and it’s a miracle if anything with leafs survives around here in this here. I have cats that like to nibble on plants and I almost always forget to give them water. So how did it end up with those seeds?

Alive and Growing

Almost all of the seeds are growing! Almost…

I had planted pansy’s, mint, chives, parsley, sweat peas and dahlias. The Mint isn’t doing anything, or it takes very long to pop up from under the soil. The Dahlias aren’t even trying. The Pansy’s, basil, parsley and sweat peas are doing great! Which is a miracle — really. I’ve placed the sweat peas outside, and covered them up the first week to keep it damp inside.


The sweat peas are doing good.

The rest in the green house started growing after a week. The pansy’s popped out first (and through out the rest of the green house too. Not just where I planted them). Followed by parsley and chives.

And last weekend I bought flowers to give the balcony some colour. I got Pelargonium Grandiflorum (Franse geraniums) and African Violets (kaaps viooltjes). Because of the bad weather I had to wait a couple of days before I could put them in another flowerpot instead of the ugly plastic ones they come with. I hope they survive! (note: the violas are actually purple, and not blue. The camera has trouble with that color)

Growing Plants (An Attempt To)

Since I few months I’ve been wanting to grow flowers and herbs. I already bought several seeds to plant. But I never had the space or the things to plant them. Until last weekend. We bought a mini green house, ground/soil, garden gloves and some more seeds. I got started right away!

The Mini Green House

In the mini green house I planted basil, parsley, violets and peppermint. Just a few simple ones, who hopefully bloom soon! I have the little green house placed in the living room. It may be too cold outside — especially at night.


On our little balcony I did an attempt to plant dahlias and sweat peas. According to my mother dahlias are very hard to plant. So we’ll see! I had the dahlia bulbs stashed away in the bookcase for a few months. There was no mold on it, and one of them had even grown something green on in! So I’m pretty sure there will be hope for those dahlias. For the sweet peas? I don’t know. My mother planted them as well this month, and they are doing pretty good!


The only thing that might make it difficult for those plants are the kitties; Suki and Hiro. After months they finally stopped nibbling on our bonsai tree. I hope they won’t nibble on the flowers. Dahlias are one of my favourite flowers, so they better not touch it! We’ll see how it goes! They first have to start growing.

I also have some daisy, lupin and sunflower seeds to plant, but also more herb seeds and even for vegetables! Ah — if only I had a garden.

Bumblebees and Flowers

Two weeks ago or so the weather was lovely and I had dinner at my parents. I know my mother has a lot of flowers, and flowers attract butterflies and bees. So I decided to take my camera along and shot some nice photos. Just to see how good my camera could be. I don’t know what all the options and stuff on my camera is for, and I rather find out myself than reading the manual.

Bumblebee Facts

  • Bumblebees and honey bees are distant cousins and are often confused with each other. The humble bumblebee, unlike the honey bee, is slow and gentle. Instead of dashing about everywhere, as the more streamlined honey bee does, this one lumbers along as it collects nectar and pollen in the garden.
  • The bumblebee can sting any number of times it wants, because it does not lose its stringer after use.
  • While the body of a honey bee is wasp-shaped, that of a bumblebee is furry and round.
  • Bumblebees bear a pair of antennae, which act as noses.
  • They nest in leaf litter or soil.
  • They produce just a few grams of honey at a time, just enough for feeding their young ones.
  • Their honey cannot be used for commercial purposes because they don’t produce enough.
  • Compared to the honey bee, the bumblebee is less aggressive. They aren’t known for attacking people, unless they feel threatened.
  • If there is one flying around you, do not wave your arms around wildly. Stand still and they will move away once they smell that you’re not a flower with nectar and pollen.
  • Pesticides that are used on the land by humans pose a serious threat to the existence and survival of bumblebees.


Interior vs Nature

I fell in love with this combination not so long ago. A house interior with nature hints like flowers. I love it! It’s inspirational and it looks so calm and relaxing! Yes please!

What do you think?