Review: Heavy Rain PS3

Heavy Rain, created by Quantic Dream. Another movie-kind-of-game that was released before Beyond: Two Souls. I was told the game was even better than Beyond, and most reviews are very high about this game. Do I agree…? I’m not so sure…


Heavy Rain – The Origami Killer

Heavy Rain is not a regular game. Just like the other games from Quantic Dreams, it’s like you’re watching movie, but you’re being a part of it. You have to guide the characters down the stories by making choices, doing specific things that is important in the story, and depending on how you do things, the story may go in different ways, but it will always lead to the same end: finding the killer. But it also offers different endings for all of the characters in the game (you’re still following me?). Quantic Dream gives you the idea that you’re leading the story.


The game is set in a city in America. In that city (where it rains every day) is a serial killer going on, named the Origami Killer. He leaves origami figures by his victims, and it’s up to you to find out who the killer is and to save his most recent victim. In Heavy Rain you play four characters, and every now and then you switch from character to character who will lead you deeper into the story and hopefully bring you to the Origami Killer.

All the four characters are different from each other. Ethan Mars is depressing, while Madison Paige is friendly and empathic. Norman Jayden is an addict and Scot Shelby is asthmatic.

A Boring Movie?

Sometimes Heavy Rain feels like a boring movie. Where Beyond: Two Souls kept getting your attention, your attention might drift off to something more interesting with Heavy Rain. Yet, you continue because you’re curious who the killer is — or you don’t even bother any more. Then there are specific scenes that make you think: Why is this scene in the game?

And it may feel like some things has no use to the story-development at all. Beside that, the beginning of the game was slow. Very slow. Because you’re playing four characters, it’s hard to get a connection with those. Every time I had to play Shelby or Madison I was all “Argh! Not again”, simply because I didn’t like those characters, and I had the idea that with no Madison in the game, the game would have been the same, or maybe even better.


  • Strong story.
  • A few good characters.
  • Good graphics
  • Keeps your curious who the killer is.
  • A surprising end.
  • Realistic
  • The makes you think before you make a choice.



  • Slow beginning.
  • Some annoying characters.
  • Too much characters. Hard to bond.
  • Sometimes you wish you had a ‘fast forward’ button.
  • Replay value is low.

Worth the Money?

I paid 8 bucks for it, but new the game would cost 15 to 20 euros (Holland). Is 20 euro’s really worth it? No, I don’t think so. It’s a longer game, and there is just as much action in it, as there are boring moments, it just doesn’t feel worth it. I’m sorry Quantic Dream, but I feel like you’ve could have done a much better job (and you did, with Beyond: Two Souls).