Review: Skyfall

The best Bond movie ever” I hear a lot of people say about this new James Bond movie, in which Daniel Craig plays James Bond again. Is it really the best bond movie ever? Everyone has their own opinion — thank god. So here is mine.


May contain spoilers.


When I think of Skyfall, I think of the annoying song by Adele, that makes me want to smash my brains in. I just heard it that one time too much on the radio. Admitted, It’s a great bond song, but stop raping the replay button.

When Bond’s new mission is to keep a computer drive that contains a list of British agents from being used against them, he loses the battle and the file. M16 is attacked and this forces M to relocate the agency. This situation is testing M on her authority and position. Trusting 007 with everything she has, they track down the bad guy Silva who is a magnificent villain.



The Bond Girl

What was her name again? I can’t remember, she had such a short time on the screen I don’t even remember how she looked like. I believe she was dead within ten minutes? Okay, that’s a lie, maybe twenty — max. What in the hell happened to the bond girl? She dies a stupid dead, and Bond looks like he doesn’t give a shit… Typical James?


The only thing I like about the entire James Bond movie is the bad guy played by Javier Bardem. I think he plays the bad guy very, very good. Playing with your thoughts, and creeping you out at the right moment. You somehow feel mercy for him, sorry for him, while you do, he’s already planning to kill you. Playing with you, teasing you. He’s the kind of bad guy that makes you question his sexuality. Is he gay? Does it even matter?

Bond & M.

Bond & M.

Best Bond Movie Ever?

Oh please. If you think this is the best Bond movie ever, you probably haven’t watched them all. Sure, the movie is good, a bit of action here, a bit of blood there. Some more drama over there, and an occasional hot chick there. But it’s lacking something. I didn’t think the story was super good, I didn’t like the Bond girl and M felt out-of-place the entire movie.

The beginning didn’t feel real. James Bond is shot twice and falls of a train and bridge from such an immense hight in the water — in the middle of f-ing nowhere. No one would survive that, not even Bond. Basically, the entire movie felt weird….

My Rate: 6/10
IMDB rate: 7.8

Did you see the movie?