Review: The Hobbit

Last week we decided to give the Hobbit a try. Finally! I heard mixed things about the film, so it was about time I got to see it myself.

May contain spoilers!

The Hobbit, The Story

The story is simple. In Middle Earth lives a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. He is dragged into a journey to help the dwarves get their lost Kingdom back that is taken over by a dragon Smaug. The group consists out of 13 dwarves, a hobbit and Gandalf the wizard. On their way they meet elves, trolls, orcs and more.

Their goal lies to the East of Middle-Earth, and the wastelands of the lonely mountain. But first they have to escape from the goblin tunnels where Bilbo’s life will change forever. He finds a ring…

Simply put, this is the story before the Lord of the Rings.


What I Liked & Didn’t Like

I love fantasy movies, and this one wasn’t so bad.

I loved the fact that I saw some nice faces in the cast (Aiden Turner from Being Human: YUM!). Mind you, the young Dwarf king Thorin is pretty good-looking too. The beginning was good, the story is good, but at the end of the movie you will be disappointed. They haven’t even reached the mountain yet, and you keep asking yourself during the movie when they will finally reach that damn mountain. But I have to admit, Bilbo will drag you into the movie. The movie is 169 minutes long, but I never had this “When does it end”-feeling. But at the end of the movie you will feel like the movie has brought you no-where, and so you have to wait for the other 2 sequels…

Agent Smi- .. I mean. Elrond.

Agent Smi- .. I mean. Elrond.

Why did Gandalf want Bilbo to join their journey? It’s never explained. It’s a small hobbit in a group of mighty dwarf warriors, and it feels like he doesn’t belong there. The movie scenes and graphics are beautiful! Rivendell, where the elves live is absolutely stunning and it urges you to see it from a closer view. Hobbiton is a cute little town, but really stunning!

The introduction of the movie may be too long. But that’s personal. There were also scenes that weren’t in the book and the pace is slow. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins was a really good choice. I already loved him in Sherlock, but I loved him in the Hobbit just as much.


Would I See It Again?

No. It’s not an amazing movie, but also not really bad either. I prefer the Lord of the Rings movie so far over the Hobbit.

My rate: 7/10
IMDB rate: 8.2/10 (imdb)


Have you seen the Hobbit?