Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Reborn

Lara Croft Tomb raider is actually a bit of nostalgia. My mother has finished a lot of her games on the computer. And I always was watching, or playing as well. Or helping my mother guide through the game with a walk-through and translating words for her because it was in English. We both shared a good passion for Lara Croft. I loved the game, and feared it at the same time. The parts where you were swimming underwater and suddenly a shark bites your ass off always startled me!


So last weekend I bought the newest Lara Croft game for the PS3. I hate the PS3, because I can’t work with its controller. I’m way too used to the Nintendo controller. The PS3 one with its circle, and triangle just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. That’s why I’m playing the Tomb Raider game on easy right now. I still need to get used to the controller, and if I have it on normal or hard, it’s just never going to work. But let’s talk more about Tomb Raider!

I LOVE the game! Lara looks absolutely stunning, they sure didn’t forget about her chest… The place where the game is played at, is stunning, yet creepy. If you love old Asian scenery, then you might enjoy it! Then we haven’t even talked about the story line yet. The game is a Lara Croft, that happened before all of the other Lara Croft games. It shows how she turned from a nice and friendly, caring young woman to a strong survivor.


And I was so used to the old Tomb Raider games that the first thing I noticed was that she moved her mouth while she spoke during the game. Haha! But that’s not all, Lara Croft isn’t immortal (tho, she has unnatural stamina and endurance), and even she can die, let alone that you can carry so many weapons at the same time. You can even update your weapons and work on and update your skills. There are several skills you can work on. Surviving skills and hunting skills. You are able to hunt on animals and use them for their food. You are able to create fires and also collect ammo, as in every other Tomb Raider game. As your skills get updates you are able to do more things. Silent attack your enemy from behind, or throw dirty in their face to distract them before shooting a bullet through their face. And yes, there will be blood.

As the story is about Lara Croft and who she’s becoming. The game is about surviving and helping her friends that are captured by some bad guys. In meanwhile there are secret tombs you can find and get into and find treasures. Even the typical Tomb Raider puzzles are included in this game.

She even gets dirty in this game! She starts off pretty clean, but very wet. And during the game, as you go through more mud and forests you get dirtier and dirtier and your clothes get more ragged. Even specific wounds stay on her body and get better during the game, like they are healing. The win blows her hair in the right direction, and she makes strange, awkward — beginner — movements when she has to make a long jump. You know, the kind of jump where you move/swing with your arms and legs. And when it rains, there will be raindrops on the camera too.

Overall, I think this game is just awesome! Yes, this might be the best Tomb Raider ever.

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