Post Project


What is this post-project I’m talking about? Writing letters and packages to each other! It’s just like having a pen pal, but a 100 times better! With the project it’s the meaning that I send packages with letters in it, but also small goodies. This could be funny cards, postcards, tea, earrings, an inspirational quote, something personal, little goodies, you name it! It doesn’t have to be a huge package.

Interested? Do you like writing and receiving mail?
Send a mail to verymuchdutch (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Don’t forget to add your address in the mail and a blog if you own one so I can link back!

I will send you a package with some fun stuff in it, and you will write and send one back. It’s that simple!

Picture by Lawendeltreppe @ Flickr.

Picture by Lawendeltreppe @ Flickr.


Pretty much no rules at all!
It doesn’t matter where you are from, you could be from Holland, England, America, Japan, Belgium! As long as you have an address I can send the package to.


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