Abandoned But Beautiful: El Hotel Del Salto

The world is one big planet with some beautiful places! Some of these places are abandoned, but aren’t less beautiful. I decided to make a new category: Abandoned But Beautiful.

Hotel Del Salto

In 1924 the hotel was a luxurious hotel back then. It was built on a cliff and facing the waterfall. In the hotel they welcomed wealthy travellers visiting the Tequendama Falls area, which was on the opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff. In the hotel, the guests had a beautiful view. Sadly, due to contamination of the river water it was closed in the early 90’s.

People have been talking reopening the hotel and restoring it.


Copyrights by Caut.


Many people believe it is haunted. They believe those ghosts are from the past, when bar fights on the second store would end up on the balcony, which resulted in a deadly fall. There are stories about people jumping off the cliff. A lot of people have committed suicide in this hotel.



7 thoughts on “Abandoned But Beautiful: El Hotel Del Salto

  1. Mooie foto’s. Ik ben nu al dol op je nieuwe categorie. Ik hou van zo’n foto’s van en verhalen over vervallen gebouwen. Zeker als het er ook nog eens zou spoken enz. πŸ™‚

  2. You never actually mention WHERE the hotel is (besides near the falls.) It’s in Columbia? South America? (I looked it up) That second picture is really cool! It LOOKS haunted!

  3. Stunning place! If I had been a wealthy person in that era, that would have been where I would stay the nights.

    Sad that you didn’t get any interior pictures though, I would like to see what it looks like from one of the windows.

    If I was tempted to put an end to my life, that would be a terrific place to do so. Imagine the view as you drop from that place! You probably forget all about your problems by the time you… die! πŸ˜›

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