Review: Heavy Rain PS3

Heavy Rain, created by Quantic Dream. Another movie-kind-of-game that was released before Beyond: Two Souls. I was told the game was even better than Beyond, and most reviews are very high about this game. Do I agree…? I’m not so sure…


Heavy Rain – The Origami Killer

Heavy Rain is not a regular game. Just like the other games from Quantic Dreams, it’s like you’re watching movie, but you’re being a part of it. You have to guide the characters down the stories by making choices, doing specific things that is important in the story, and depending on how you do things, the story may go in different ways, but it will always lead to the same end: finding the killer. But it also offers different endings for all of the characters in the game (you’re still following me?). Quantic Dream gives you the idea that you’re leading the story.


The game is set in a city in America. In that city (where it rains every day) is a serial killer going on, named the Origami Killer. He leaves origami figures by his victims, and it’s up to you to find out who the killer is and to save his most recent victim. In Heavy Rain you play four characters, and every now and then you switch from character to character who will lead you deeper into the story and hopefully bring you to the Origami Killer.

All the four characters are different from each other. Ethan Mars is depressing, while Madison Paige is friendly and empathic. Norman Jayden is an addict and Scot Shelby is asthmatic.

A Boring Movie?

Sometimes Heavy Rain feels like a boring movie. Where Beyond: Two Souls kept getting your attention, your attention might drift off to something more interesting with Heavy Rain. Yet, you continue because you’re curious who the killer is — or you don’t even bother any more. Then there are specific scenes that make you think: Why is this scene in the game?

And it may feel like some things has no use to the story-development at all. Beside that, the beginning of the game was slow. Very slow. Because you’re playing four characters, it’s hard to get a connection with those. Every time I had to play Shelby or Madison I was all “Argh! Not again”, simply because I didn’t like those characters, and I had the idea that with no Madison in the game, the game would have been the same, or maybe even better.


  • Strong story.
  • A few good characters.
  • Good graphics
  • Keeps your curious who the killer is.
  • A surprising end.
  • Realistic
  • The makes you think before you make a choice.



  • Slow beginning.
  • Some annoying characters.
  • Too much characters. Hard to bond.
  • Sometimes you wish you had a ‘fast forward’ button.
  • Replay value is low.

Worth the Money?

I paid 8 bucks for it, but new the game would cost 15 to 20 euros (Holland). Is 20 euro’s really worth it? No, I don’t think so. It’s a longer game, and there is just as much action in it, as there are boring moments, it just doesn’t feel worth it. I’m sorry Quantic Dream, but I feel like you’ve could have done a much better job (and you did, with Beyond: Two Souls).


Review: Beyond: Two Souls PS3

I have been playing A LOT of games the last few months, it’s insane. I finished Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, and Heavy Rain. And I already started with the new Season from the Walking Dead Game. But it’s never enough, isn’t it? I already have my eyes on a few other games. I used to hate the PS3. Now I feel guilty that I ever said that. So let’s start with Beyond. A little pearl between all the games.


Beyond: Two Souls

The first moment Beyond started playing, my jaw dropped from the amazing graphics. I had to reply the first scene, only to be surprised by it again. But what is the game about?

You play Jodie Holmes. A girl who, since her birth, has a special gift. She is attached to an entity, who she called Aiden. It’s an entity who only Jodie can see. In the game you play 15 years of Jodies life — but the story is played in a random order. You go from little Jodie, to teenage Jodie, and back to little, and then going to an adult Jodie and back to little Jodie, etc. This creates a lot of questions with the person playing the game.

Beyond: Two Souls feels like a movie that you control. Through out the game you have to make (difficult) choices that can change parts of the story-line. But in the end, you decide the end of the game.

Jodie is played by the actress Ellen Page, and the resemblance between the two is amazing. A few other known-faces you’ll see are: Eric Winter and Willem Dafoe.

More Like A Movie?

Beyond feels more like a movie. But it will never get boring. There is action in it, drama, creepy scenes and moments where you’ll have to hold your breath because it’s so exciting. You get to fight, you get to do things. But you also get to cook dinner (Or you can order pizza), and play the guitar. But in my opinion, nothing felt useless. It adds a little bit of a fun in a game with a heavy story.

Because you get to make decisions, and choose answers, it feels like you are in the game. It pulls you in, and it’s hard to take a break from the game. I finished the game in a few days — the game isn’t super long. But if you play a few hours everyday, you can easily finish it within a week (or two?).



  • Pulls you in
  • Awesome graphics
  • Good story
  • You get to choose the end.
  • Has a bit of everything; Drama, horror, action and love.
  • Good music.
  • Different than you’re usual kind of game.
  • Talented Hollywood actors.


  • A few holes in the story here and there, but nothing drastic.
  • Annoying camera angles something.
  • Aiden’s abilities are sometimes limited, which makes you feel limited.
  • For some people it might feel like you’re only watching, and only are there to press a button or two — I didn’t feel that way.
  • Sometimes you have no choice and the game lets you shoot someone.
  • You either love it, or you hate the game.

Worth The Money?

It depends how much you pay for it. With some stores here you pay 30 and for some you pay 20. It’s an 8 hour game, so would you pay 30 bucks for a game that you can finish in a few days? But I think it’s a great game. Great graphics, great gameplay and so far I haven’t experienced any bugs in the game.



Review: The Walking Dead Telltale Game PS3

You thought the show was good? Try again. Now that the Telltale game is out, you can now play the Walking Dead game yourself. I got the game in December and finished it in two days. I got hooked within the first 30 minutes, but why? It’s not your typical game, and not your typical zombie-game at all!


The Walking Dead Telltale Game

I got the game for the PS3, ever since I found out how much fun the PS3 really is. I never liked it, I couldn’t handle the controller well (still can’t). I’m still used to the Nintendo controller, or the Wii controller. And I still think about those buttons, Instead of the X and O on the PS3 controller. Thank god most games I play tell me which buttons to use, or else I’d fuck up (and I still do at times).

The Walking Dead TT game is not your average game. You should see it as the serie on tv, but instead of watching it, you also have to do things. The first season of the game has 6 episodes, and you can finish those episodes in 1 to 2 hours, depending on how good you are. You do get to shoot zombies so now and then, but you also follow the story, get to choose what to say or what to do and all those choices you make, and how you make your character behave have effect on the next episode.


You play Lee Everett. Lee is convicted for murdering, and taken to a prison at the beginning of the game. He doesn’t even get to arrive there, when he meets some of the undead, but is saved by Clementine. A young girl who has been hiding from the zombies, while waiting for her parents to come home, who are in Savannah for a vacation.

That’s right, you don’t play Rick Grimes, in fact, you only get to see one or two characters that you know from the tv-show. Which is good, because that means that you never really know what is going to happen.

Do I Like It?

Yes, I do! It feels like you got control over the game — even though you haven’t. The choices you make have effect on the story and the characters in the game, but the game will follow one story, and no matter what you do, the story will go one way. Example: If you don’t kill one of the characters, he will die one way or another. But that doesn’t bother me, the game makes you feel like you’re in control. You get to choose what to do, or what to say, so you feel like you’re a big part of the game.

It will play with your feelings. I thought season 1 was horrible, but season 2 will be even worse (episode 1 is out already). Clementine is a young girl, so you’re often thinking to yourself when making a choice: be nice, or tell her the harsh truth? I was often tearing up or cursing at the tv. Expect the game to be depressing, horrifying and sad — a roller-coaster of emotions! The conversations feel real, the characters react like ‘normal’ people would. That’s a good thing! It means the game is good.



If you’re looking for action, then this game might not be what you’re looking for. Tho, I know someone who plays Call Of Duty and whatever and still enjoyed the game. Yes, there is some action and shooting in it, but don’t compare it to Call of Duty. It’s a different game, different methods, different style. But that doesn’t make it a bad game.

The game feels short. You get hooked and you end up finishing it within 2 days. Maybe the episodes feel short, but once you get the hang of it, you go through those episodes so fast, because you want to know what will happen next.

the-walking-dead-screenshot-2Have you played this game already?

Review: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

*Might contain spoilers*

Somewhere in Spring this year when I was home alone I decided to watch the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, because I love Emma Watson. I didn’t really expect much of it, because the trailer didn’t looked that promising. But it ended up blowing me away. It’s not really what you expect, it has scenes that make you sob, scenes that make you smile. I think it was a brilliant movie, and of course I have to share that with you.


Based on a Novel

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is based on a book of the same name and it’s written by Stephen Chbosky. It’s about a 15-year-old boy named Charlie. Charlie is an outsider, a bit anti-social and “weird”. Charlie is struggling with live and all of his obstacles such as the suicide of his best friend, his fist love and his own mental illness. In meanwhile he’s struggling with his friends and trying his best to belong somewhere.

When the movie starts Charlie is a freshmen in High school. He meets Sam and Patrick who end up becoming his friends and helping him to get through life, through school and problems. The three characters are all different, which causes funny scenes but also drama and obstacles. Charlie has his own problems, Sam lacks self-esteem and Patrick is trying to hide that he’s gay from the rest of the world. This goes together with over-confidence and crazy behavior. In the movie, the spotlight is not only on Charlie, but also on his friends.


Simple yet Complicated

The movie is beautifully written, simple, but also complicated at times. Just like the characters the story unfolds. The movie manages to go through dark topics most teenagers and normal people struggle with; like homosexuality, drugs, belonging somewhere, friends, love and school. But also topics like death and mental illnesses. The story nor the movie and acting feels like it’s forced, but it goes rather smooth. It’s obviously that the actors had a chemistry.

“Welcome to the island of misfit toys.”

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERI think most of the teenagers at high school has went through all these things. This doesn’t make this movie for teenagers only. For me, it reminded me of high school. We are going through a difficult time. Figuring out who we really are. This movie reminds us to keep fighting.

But the movie also makes us go through a rollercoaster of emotions. You will sympathy for Charlie, you will be on the edge of your chair or couch. Either crying or laughing or maybe even both. Did I cry during the movie? Yes — but I cry easily.

Things I Liked About The Movie

The characters grow and show emotions. Charlie deals with a lot of emotions, and while he’s shy and unsure about himself in the beginning of the movie, he slowly, step by step grows. He punched someone in the face to defend his friend, something you would not expect him to do in the beginning. But it shows that he is growing and that he cares. Emma Watson plays Sam, an unsure girl whose action speak louder than her words. She shows Charlie how to enjoy life and how to go with the flow, while Patrick who always seems to be happy and crazy can make you speechless.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about the movie so I don’t really want to pay much attention to it. Emma Watson’s accent can still be heard so now and then, reminding you of Hermione. But overall she does a really good job and she’s perfect to Sam’s role.

Overall I think this is a really good movie who deserved more recognition. It’s an emotion movie, but also with funny scenes. The characters are honest, and the topics may be very heavy. It’s not a typical teenage movie.

Genre: Drama
IMDB rate: 8.1
My rate: 9


Review: Skyfall

The best Bond movie ever” I hear a lot of people say about this new James Bond movie, in which Daniel Craig plays James Bond again. Is it really the best bond movie ever? Everyone has their own opinion — thank god. So here is mine.


May contain spoilers.


When I think of Skyfall, I think of the annoying song by Adele, that makes me want to smash my brains in. I just heard it that one time too much on the radio. Admitted, It’s a great bond song, but stop raping the replay button.

When Bond’s new mission is to keep a computer drive that contains a list of British agents from being used against them, he loses the battle and the file. M16 is attacked and this forces M to relocate the agency. This situation is testing M on her authority and position. Trusting 007 with everything she has, they track down the bad guy Silva who is a magnificent villain.



The Bond Girl

What was her name again? I can’t remember, she had such a short time on the screen I don’t even remember how she looked like. I believe she was dead within ten minutes? Okay, that’s a lie, maybe twenty — max. What in the hell happened to the bond girl? She dies a stupid dead, and Bond looks like he doesn’t give a shit… Typical James?


The only thing I like about the entire James Bond movie is the bad guy played by Javier Bardem. I think he plays the bad guy very, very good. Playing with your thoughts, and creeping you out at the right moment. You somehow feel mercy for him, sorry for him, while you do, he’s already planning to kill you. Playing with you, teasing you. He’s the kind of bad guy that makes you question his sexuality. Is he gay? Does it even matter?

Bond & M.

Bond & M.

Best Bond Movie Ever?

Oh please. If you think this is the best Bond movie ever, you probably haven’t watched them all. Sure, the movie is good, a bit of action here, a bit of blood there. Some more drama over there, and an occasional hot chick there. But it’s lacking something. I didn’t think the story was super good, I didn’t like the Bond girl and M felt out-of-place the entire movie.

The beginning didn’t feel real. James Bond is shot twice and falls of a train and bridge from such an immense hight in the water — in the middle of f-ing nowhere. No one would survive that, not even Bond. Basically, the entire movie felt weird….

My Rate: 6/10
IMDB rate: 7.8

Did you see the movie?

Review: The Hobbit

Last week we decided to give the Hobbit a try. Finally! I heard mixed things about the film, so it was about time I got to see it myself.

May contain spoilers!

The Hobbit, The Story

The story is simple. In Middle Earth lives a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. He is dragged into a journey to help the dwarves get their lost Kingdom back that is taken over by a dragon Smaug. The group consists out of 13 dwarves, a hobbit and Gandalf the wizard. On their way they meet elves, trolls, orcs and more.

Their goal lies to the East of Middle-Earth, and the wastelands of the lonely mountain. But first they have to escape from the goblin tunnels where Bilbo’s life will change forever. He finds a ring…

Simply put, this is the story before the Lord of the Rings.


What I Liked & Didn’t Like

I love fantasy movies, and this one wasn’t so bad.

I loved the fact that I saw some nice faces in the cast (Aiden Turner from Being Human: YUM!). Mind you, the young Dwarf king Thorin is pretty good-looking too. The beginning was good, the story is good, but at the end of the movie you will be disappointed. They haven’t even reached the mountain yet, and you keep asking yourself during the movie when they will finally reach that damn mountain. But I have to admit, Bilbo will drag you into the movie. The movie is 169 minutes long, but I never had this “When does it end”-feeling. But at the end of the movie you will feel like the movie has brought you no-where, and so you have to wait for the other 2 sequels…

Agent Smi- .. I mean. Elrond.

Agent Smi- .. I mean. Elrond.

Why did Gandalf want Bilbo to join their journey? It’s never explained. It’s a small hobbit in a group of mighty dwarf warriors, and it feels like he doesn’t belong there. The movie scenes and graphics are beautiful! Rivendell, where the elves live is absolutely stunning and it urges you to see it from a closer view. Hobbiton is a cute little town, but really stunning!

The introduction of the movie may be too long. But that’s personal. There were also scenes that weren’t in the book and the pace is slow. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins was a really good choice. I already loved him in Sherlock, but I loved him in the Hobbit just as much.


Would I See It Again?

No. It’s not an amazing movie, but also not really bad either. I prefer the Lord of the Rings movie so far over the Hobbit.

My rate: 7/10
IMDB rate: 8.2/10 (imdb)


Have you seen the Hobbit?